Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Saturday!

I wanted to give a quick thank-you to all who visited here during the home tours. I so very much enjoyed your comments, and visiting some your lovely homes as well. Isn't it great to be able to share and inspire through our blogs - visiting and visits by our "cyber" neighbors and friends.

Didn't have anything specific to share today, so I thought I'd just throw some randomness at'cha. I found these at WalMart the other day and had to grab up a bunch. Aren't they just the cutest! Snowman and tree and star shaped marshmallows. I love 'em!

Did you know that marshmallows freeze beautifully? I went crazy buying the heart shaped marshmallows this past Valentine's Day. I had jars and containers filled with them all over as part of my V'day vignettes.

After overdosing on Rice Krispee treats made with them, and not wanting to be wasteful - I wash and reuse my zip-lock bags, okay! - I decided to freeze a few leftover packages - just tossed the packages right in the freezer. Once they thawed, they were as soft and fresh as the day I bought them. So, I may have to buy some more snowman and tree mallows and stock up for over the winter months. I imagine these special shapes won't be around too long after the Holidays.

How 'bout this for a yummy treat. Hot cocoa with the yummiful flavored mallows and a peppermint stick. OMG! I'm in cocoa heaven right now! :o)

Aren't those snowflakes in the window terrific??!!!

They were another Dollar Tree find. I must have looked at those things every time I went in, holding them in my hand, and then putting them back muttering to myself "ENOUGH"!!! Well, I just couldn't stand it any longer when I saw what Lisa over at Pickles and Cheese did with ones she bought (don't you just LOVE that blog title?!). I had to have them. Thank you very much, Lisa! ;o)

Couldn't hang them from the chandelier like Lisa did . . . already had that covered. I decided to put them on my bay windows. I took the grates out, and just hung them with suction cups. They are so "magical" looking the way the morning light hits them. They really show up at night - sort of reflecting the lights from in the room. I'm so glad I bought them. I almost want to go back and get one for all the windows in the house. No! Stop! Ughh, I have no self control sometimes.

I spent most of Thursday evening and Friday morning baking and decorating six dozen cupcakes. My Dad is a Mason, and they have their little C'mas party every year at their lodge for member's familys and children, and the last two years they've asked me to make cupcakes. I really enjoy being creative with cupcakes. I got so inspired by Tracey at Notes From a Cottage Industry when I first started reading her blog. She is so talented.

Let me tell you, piping icing on cupcakes is so darn easy. And, it's sooo much quicker than spreading frosting with spatula. You show up with cupcakes piped with homemade butter cream frosting, a little sanding sugar sprinkled on top, and your friends and family will think you're a cupcake rockstar! I use the "Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade" method when I make my cupcakes. I use a regular cake mix, then tweak the recipe a bit adding a little this, and a little that, to make the cupcakes moist and light and yummy.

Well, I'm off the wrap some presents . . . run the vacuum . . . do a load of laundry . . . finishing making ornaments . . .

Have a great weekend! :o)


Hopemore Studio said...

Wow Carla you cram a lot into a day! Your cupcakes look magnificent, and 6 go girl.

Great tip on freezing the marshmallows..didn't know you could do that.

Glad to know I'm not the only one who LOVES cocoa with a peppermint stick, My husband thinks I'm a bit crazy when I do it(all the time)...just not something they do here in the midwest I guess. Thanks for all the randomness- I think it's great.


Anne~fiona and twig said...

Well, great minds definitely think alike! Your snowflakes look just fab, just like mine do. I say we go back and clean DT out of 'em!


Darlene said...

I didn't know you could freeze marshmallows...thanks for the tip. I love those little shaped marshmallows!!

Those snowflakes look GORGEOUS in your windows!!

I think you are the cupcake Queen. Those cupcakes are FABULOUS!! I see why they want you to make them every year!! Too CUTE!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi there,
Thanks for coming over to my place recently. I certainly enjoyed scrolling down through your Site. All your decorations are beautiful. I especially loved the little banners...Noel, Let It Snow, the skates hanging on the mirror. And I couldn't help but notice your cute Lori Mitchell paper mache Santa. I own three, but haven't gotten around to doing my Santa table yet.
Hope you're enjoying this wonderful Season.

marie said...

Hey Carla,
How do you get so much done!!? All that decorating and now baking too! Your cupcakes look so yummy. I have to try piping the icing ~ I always end up crumbling the cupcake tops when I spread it on.

By the way ~ I LOVE the little corner of your front porch with the crates and wooden star. It's a great (simple) look!
Thanks for sharing all your beautiful decorations!

Carla said...

Everything looks fabulous!! Can't wait to find time to come back and finish browsing your blog.

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