Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time to relax . . .

That's how I like to spend these true twelve days of Christmas. I wish more of the masses would celebrate, or at least keep the spirit of the Season alive during this time. For me the weeks leading up to the 25th is all the prep and build-up of anticipation of "the big day". The days until the Epiphany, or Three Kings Day, should be the time to relax, reminisce and enjoy our families and friends. It's sad to me that immediately the morning after Christmas so many people are done and ready to pack up the Holiday and stuff it away until next year.

I hope you all are having the bestest of Christmases. Our's has been very nice. This year was a bit more low-key than in year's past. The financial crunch has hit us this year as with so many others, and we warned the boys that the gift part of Christmas might not be what they'd experienced before. You know what . . . they didn't seem one bit affected by it.
They even thanked us for a "stellar Christmas" - to quote Son No. 2.

Hubby was good to me . . . as usual. He spoils me! Some of you may remember reading here about how I lost my engagement ring. It was devastating for me. That ring, as you can imagine, has so much sentimental value. Hubby presented it to me on my 18th birthday when he told me he wanted to spend his life with me.

I told him, under no circumstances, to go out and buy a new diamond. First, it just wouldn't have the same "feeling" . . . second, that was an expense we did not need now - especially at Christmas. As usual, he didn't listen! He went out and purchased a new diamond, and gave it to me Christmas morning before the boys were awake. And, ya know, I had strong feeling he was going to do this! Now, it's not anywhere near the quality and value as the original. It was quite inexpensive by comparison, actually, but at least now I can wear my wedding band with the wrap-around setting. The diamond bands on either side side of my wedding rings were gifts commemorating our 15th and 25th wedding anniversaries.
Oh, and I'm currently sporting my tacky Holiday nails! ;o)
If the original never turns up, he wants to replace it with possibly a whole new set once we can really afford it.

Didn't take too many pics this Holiday. Sometimes, I'm just not in the mood to run around being the shutterbug, know what I mean? Not one snap was taken during our Wigilia, Christmas Eve dinner, and only a few taken C'mas Day. I did get some pics of crabcake and bread preparations the night before C'mas Eve.

love my kitchen aid mixer for kneading bread dough

the first rise
that's true beauty to me - risen bread dough

dividing and shaping the dough

after the second rise

mmm, fresh-baked bread . . . where's the butter?

The bowl below is the vessel I always pull out when mixing the Thanksgiving stuffing and the Christmas crabcakes. This huge blue-banned yellow-ware bowl is another one of those treasured, precious family heirlooms that once belonged to Hubby's grandmother.

the mix before the crab above
below the luscious crab has been added

a test cake is fried to check for seasoning

a little over four dozen crabcakes prepared

As I posted before, we have Hubby's family for Christmas Eve dinner. Then Christmas Day, it's just us - me and Hubby and the boys. Later in the evening my whole family joins together for desert and gifts at either our house or my older brother's - we're actually neighbors!

Sons 3 and 1 - Owen and John - in "the zone" opening gifts C'mas morning

Son No. 2, Colin, gifted his girlfriend, Shannon, with a snowboard

aren't they the cutest couple!

cousin love - above, Kyle (my older bros son) and Son No 2, Colin

more cousin love - Rachel (my older bros daughter)
and Son No. 1, John, sharing the love as well

This was a nice Christmas for us. I'm always a little sad when the day comes and seemingly goes so quickly. I want that feeling to last all year long!

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

January 6th has been ingrained in me since my Catholic School days in Brooklyn, Carla, and I follow that date to take my holiday decorations down.

Your ring is beautiful, although I can't imagine losing your original engagement ring. I know I would feel as horribly as you did because it's not the ring, it's the meaning and emotion attached to it. Our Christmas Day was totally quiet as we really celebrated Christmas Eve with the family. This weekend I've been catching up on the past months magazines I haven't had time for, so I am definitely taking the word "relaxing" to heart.

Hopemore Studio said...

Carla, Such a nice post, the boys look great, your #1 is SO tall!! I love that they were able to appreciate more when they receive less, sounds like you raised them right. Your new ring is beautiful, I still have hopes that you will find the original. Your DH sounds a lot like mine, sweet and predictable..God love'em.

Have a peaceful few days,

Terry said...

Hi Carla - Thanks for commenting on my blog! I can't get over how sweet your hubby is! What a beautiful set you have!

Looking at the bread is making me hungry. What kind of pan do you have that makes the mini loaves? It's just like going out to eat!

Carla said...

Hi Terry! Figured I'd respond to you here instead of by email in case someone else may want to know.

The pan I used for the mini loaves is from Pampered Chef. It's one of their stone pieces. It makes perfect bread every time - a little on the heavy side, but works great!

Oh yeah, Hubby is very good to me. Think I'll keep him! ;o) hehe

Paula said...

Carla, that is the sweetest thing that your husband went against your wishes and got you a new ring...true love.
Fun pictures of Christmas with your kids. Being Catholic, I can never take my decor down till after Jan 6th even if I want to, just seems sacrareligious! (not sure how to spell that, not sure I've ever even written that word before LOL!)
Happy New Year girl!

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