Monday, December 28, 2009


No. Not me. Wish I looked that good!
More of what I "feel" like! hehe

Hello, Sir. I have a very valid reason for not visiting with you these past two weeks. I've been neck deep in
Christmas preparations . . . decorating, crafting,
wrapping, cooking, baking, cocktailing . . .

Time to reintroduce ourselves. Please be gentle with me. I've not moved these tired legs any faster than a quick grocery store run in two.long.weeks. Not to mention the extra strain they'll be suffering carrying that obligatory 7 to 10 pounds of Holiday weight gain. Oye . . . !

This is the "friend" that's just no fun. Just because you're built like a machine gives you no right to torture me so. But I can take it. Bring it on!

At least I can distract myself when interacting with "The Big Guy", up there, by watching my favorite shows while listening to my iPod.

These guys aren't much nicer. But at least I'm more in control of them instead of them controlling me.

Oh, and don't let his round cuteness and "bouncy" personality fool you. He's not any more cordial than the rest of the bunch.

So, today's the day. Back to the routine. Forty minutes of bonding time with "The Big Guy". A little weight play. Some stabilizer ball movements. And a core workout with Cathe (saved on my DVR from FitTV).

Maybe if I visit all you guys five times a week instead of the usual four times, I can rid myself of this newly acquired poundage . . . and maybe shed that blasted 10 pounds of leftover baby weight

aaah . . . my "baby's" eleven years old now!

So, what are you all doing to get yourself back into shape after The Holiday Binge?

Thanks for visiting!
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marie said...

Oh Carla - all that fancy equipment and you use it too! My exercise is climbing up and down the stairs at work. Up at 8am, down and up at around 1pm and down again at 5pm. Maybe I'll sneak in a couple more trips to work off the Christmas goody pounds I gained!
I'll also be heading back to my Weight Watchers class. I haven't been since mid-November. It works if I go!

Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas! Your ring is so pretty! I got a new camera and I'm hoping it will mean better blog photos. We shall see!

Paula said...

You go girl!! I did the treadmill today (ya, been awhile) but I played tennis yesterday!! 50 degree weather!

Darlene said...

I HAVE GOT to do something. I hope to start walking and work on portion control when eating. I definitely need to lose some weight!! I just wish exercising was as fun as blogging!!!!!!!♥

Hopemore Studio said...

I am feeling pudgy today and thinking about an exercise plan. The only equipment in the house at the moment is a stationary bike, it may be time to climb aboard..ugh!

I was at my thinnest a year after Miss Maria was born, she sucked it all out of Unfortunately I love food far to much and managed to gain back a good 15 pounds over the last 6 years.

I read somewhere that nursing can burn up 500 calories a day, so in my head that is the ultimate goal, burn off 500 calories a day. Only problem is I am far better at consuming an extra 500 calories a day but not so good a the burning if off part.

You are very motivated, I have no doubt you will be back into your routine very soon.


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