Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday House . . . Act 2

More Christmas overload! I just have to say think I've already mentioned this in yesterday's post - I'm getting old and forgetful! I love decorating for Christmas. But, honestly, this season there's been some slight stresses going on here lately that almost made me want to just "bag" the whole decorating thing. Glad I decided to snap out of it and get it in gear. My goal's always been to try and transform the house. My husband thinks I'm nuts and decorate way too much for Christmas. What does he know anyway!

The photos below are of the family room.

Part of my Santa collection . . .

This next set of snaps were taken in the dining area and kitchen.

The kitchen is where all my snow"people" reside.

Thanks for stopping by again today! Come on over tomorrow for the third and final act. Hope you've enjoyed your visit! ;o)


Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Everything looks so fantastic! I love the Noel banner. And you have so many vintage decorations that I just loved and I enjoyed seeing them all. It definitely looks like Christmas at your house now!

Darlene said...

Oh Carla I absolutely LOVE all of your decorations. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of the vintage look you have going on. Everything is WONDERFULLY beautiful!! I'm glad you did end up decorating so we could browse and enjoy it. I just love coming back again and again to look at your beautiful decor.♥

The Feathered Nest said...

Carla!!! Your home is so beautiful!!!! I love each and every thing...so many beautiful touches, I know your family must love it ~ hugs and love, Dawn

marie said...

Carla it all looks wonderful! And it inspires me...right now all I have is a naked tree standing in my living room surrounded by boxes of breakable stuff.
I think the thought of three grandbabies under the age of two is slowing me down. : )

Priscila said...

wow! It all looks sooo beautiful!!! !I wish I had the energy to do all of that! Its amazing!

come drop by when you get a chance!

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