Tuesday, August 10, 2010


How did my oldest baby boy go from this . . .

. . . to this

in what seemed the blink of an eye.

Today (well, tomorrow - Wednesday 8/11- actually, since I'm composing this post Tuesday night), our oldest, John, turns 21.

And in three days we drive him down to North Carolina to start
his last year of college.

Oh My!
Time is flying by way too quickly.

Me and Johnny 3 years ago in NC at new student orientation before he started his first year of college.

John, or Johnny as the family calls him since he is the fourth in the line of Johns in my husband's family, was, and in a lot of ways, still is the people pleaser. He shies away from confrontation, but can be a huge clown.

Clowning with his cousin Rachel last Christmas.

- The Ultimate Silly Guy -
But he does displays shy tendencies at times.

I'm quite confident with his smarts and likable personality, he'll succeed in all his endeavors.

Today to celebrate his milestone birthday, all the men of the family are playing golf. Then afterward, we'll all get together at the club's restaurant for a good meal.

Happy 21st Birthday, Johnny!
You may not realize it yet, but, as they say, the best is yet to come.

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marie said...

Happy Birthday to your "Johnny"!! It is amazing how quickly time goes by. I love all his photos ~ the one of the two of you is really nice!

My "baby" turns 27 today ~ time flies for sure!

Anonymous said...

Wow 21-time does go by quick. Enjoy the last couple of days with him before he goes back to school as a SENIOR. Love the black and white shot of both of you so nice. Lisa

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