Sunday, August 29, 2010


Can it be?

I know the calendar still says it's summer.

And the forecasted temperatures
- in the low to mid 90's! -
for the upcoming week certainly say it's still summer.

Scenes from The Towers State Park located just south of Dewey Beach, Delaware.
That look-out tower you see there to the right is one of many along the Delaware coastline. They were erected to enable the Army to watch for enemy, German, ships during WWII.

That's my house in the middle, there - psych!!! I wish ;o)

Son and a friend cooling off in the water at the beach on one of our day trips.

But in some ways, many signs that summer's drawing to close are evident.

Son No. 3 starts back to school tomorrow. He'll be starting the 8th (7th!) grade. Seems like just yesterday he was in kindergarten!
edited to add: now i know i'm loosing it! dear son is starting the 7th grade. Geez!!!

The crickets have taken over the outside "serenades" from the birds.

A few early mornings having been a bit on the chilly side - in the low 50's.

Usually, by this time, I'm ready and welcoming fall. Fall is my favorite time of year. This year, I'm just not ready. I want to hang on to summer a little longer.

Maybe it's because we had such a cold, snowy winter this past year that I'm wanting to hang on to summer for as long as possible.

Oooo . . . remember all this . . .

I know, though, that by the time the calendar hits September 23, I'll get in gear and start embracing that summer really is over and fall has taken over.

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Darlene said...

What fun times at the beach!! I can tell you I am definitely ready for Fall temperatures. It has teased us for about 4 mornings now with the lows in the 60's and I just LOVE walking first thing in the morning while it is still a little chilly out. Beats the treadmill any day!

Paula said...

oh it can't be! I'm so not ready for summer to end either! Fun pics of Dewey:) one of my favorite De beaches!

Kerin said...

Beautiful pictures! Fall is my favorite time of year too! I agree, we haven't had a very long summer this year......could be all that snow that hung on for-eva!
Maybe we'll get lucky and have a super long, gorgeous fall :)

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