Friday, August 20, 2010


Hey everyone! Had a bit of catching up to do around the house since returning from moving Son No. 1 into school. Also had to work a few days . . . sheesh . . . work gets in the way of all the fun! :o)

The move-in went very smoothly. The worst part was the traffic on the way down. OYE!!! An already unbearable - for me anyway - trip of 8 hours turned into 10 long, excruciating hours. But it's done. My oldest baby's moved in, and I won't see him until Christmas break :o(

A quick share . . .
if you like
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Yes . . . for you . . . one dollah!!!

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Being the sucker I am for yummy smelling hand soaps, and a HUGE lover of Halloween, I couldn't resist ordering one of each of these

At 5 for $15, how could I resist???

And to get that total up to $25, two delicious-smelling fall candles on sale for $5.00 each. Couldn't pass that up!
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Darlene said...

I LOVE all of those smells! Also, their candles are WONDERFUL. Funny, because just the other day I bought a new Febreeze that is Pumpkin Harvest and Fall.....I'm so READY for Fall!!!!

Allie said...

Love Bath and body works... When the mailer came for the hand soap event my husband said "I better hide this." I love stocking up and having them on hand for quick simple gifts...

Denise Marie said...


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