Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This is what I've been working on the past few days . . .

creating more of a chaotic mess in my craft room than there has been all summer.

I've been really wanting to
and just deep clean this space for months . . .
I mean months!

Me and few girlfriends went to scrapbook convention this past Friday. It was a CKC - Creating Keepsakes Convention - in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. We went up just for the day (And, as usual, I didn't take any pictures.) to shop at the vendor faire. It's always inspiring going to these events. Seeing all the wonderful things for creating, and created, using paper and embellishments - not just scrapbooking.
I have not been creative in for-evvah!!!!

In and effort to gain some organizational inspiration, and get me motivated to get this room in shape, I've been going through
Karen Valentine's, of

WOW!!!! Talk about a "party"! I think I read somewhere on her blog that over 400 people entered. Anyway, in going through the list, and I'm not even halfway through, I have realized there's at least one thing all these people have in common with me . . .
lots and lots and lots of stuff!!!

Here's a sneak peak at the prize winners' creative spaces:

The BIG winners' spaces are below.

Now, I would have to say, with all this fabulous inspiration, there's no excuse at all not to get my space in shape so I can get my creative juices going. If you have time, click over to all these ladies' blogs and see more pics of their creative spaces. Also, don't forget the big list Karen compiled. Be prepared to spend a few days getting through that list, though!

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marie said...

Karen's "party" was awesome. You're right ~ there was so much inspiration in all those rooms. It definitely pushed me into the "get it done" mode and I've been working on my room. Hope fully I'll have something to show that all the inspiration helped!

I think your room looks pretty nice already - it looks bright and cheery for sure! Good luck in getting it just the way you want it to be.

Darlene said...

Oh my WORD...those pictures of the spaces are gorgeous!! I SO WISH I had a dedicated space in my home to be crafty!! My home is very small though and I don't have a place to design. So, when I craft I drag everything out then have to put it back up....kind of kills the creativity.

Your area looks wonderful to me!!! Hope you get it contained and decorated how you envision it.♥

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oh yes, there were so many inspirational and great looking creative spaces over at Karen's! I was in awe half the time! Your space looks like my little craft table. I just could not get motivated {too hot?} and had a couple of projects sitting out in plain sight thinking that would get me going. It didn't. I did work on my bottles and a couple of jars. I'm trying to finish up a couple of boxes, too, especially since one is supposed to be a keepsake box for the new baby. {I think I overthought that one so I got stuck}. You're not alone ~ I am really itching for Fall to get here just so I can do some projects!

Kerin said...

WoW! What great pictures! Sure is inspiring to see such creative spaces. I know that you will have everything ship-shape and gorgeous before long!! You are such a go-getter!!
Thanks for all the encouraging comments that you wrote to me!! You are sooo kind and thoughtful and I swear you know just what my thoughts are about this whole moving, new job, empty nest thing!!

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