Friday, August 6, 2010

WHAT TO DO . . .

when the "TO DO" list is way too long???

The gardens need to be weeded desperately.

I still have to finish up with painting upstairs after the drywall repair work.

I want to make jalapeno jelly with the mound of peppers I have piling up.

Several pieces of furniture are waiting in line to be painted.

The fabric I bought months and months ago for new bedroom window treatments and pillows and shams is still neatly folded in their pile.

Not quite done with the overhaul of my craft room.

The masterbath is torn apart in preparation for new tile, paint, countertop and sink and repainting of the vanity.

And in addition to all these major projects, and many, many more I didn't list, I still have to make time to clean my house, clean my five customer's houses, keep up with the laundry, exercise HA!!!, try to come up with some ideas for dinner each night . . . and not get cranky.

Oh my! I'm starting to feel just a tad overwhelmed!

And while I have your attention, is anyone else having troubles loading pictures to Blogger? For weeks now, I've sometimes had to repeat the upload process several times. Also, my pictures won't enlarge and open in a separate window anymore when clicked on. Is it just me, or is this happening to any of you?

One more questions, how do you add that feature to the bottom of the post that shows windows of previous posts that the reader "might also like"? I can't find the option for that.
Thank you, Marty!!! :o)

Have a Fabulous Friday!

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Darlene said...

Oh Carla it DOES sound like you have a ton on your plate! I bet you will find a way to get a lot of it done. My pictures seem to be loading fine and I can't help you with the other feature....sorry.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

OH my, tons to do. My list is getting longer and longer too. Hope you get it all done soon. Enjoy all the processes.
My pictures are loading ok for now, sometime I have had a problem, but for now ok.
To get the "you might also like" at the bottom of a post go to Just sign up, it is free and it will automatically be there when you reboot your blog. Good luck. Hugs, Marty

Kerin said...

Well Carla...
my only advice, isn't really advice, just more of a saying that I keep repeating in my head :)
"How do you eat an elephant"??? "
One bite at a time".
Not much help,huh?!!
Hang in there. I know you, and you are a real go-getter and you will get it all done and then some!!
Hope you have a great weekend!!
I'm waiting for the buyers appraiser, getting the house ready for hoards of company this weekend and getting Spencer ready for his farewell. Whew!! One bite at a bite at a time......

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I was feeling that way myself, Carla! Realistically, unless you must have it done, I'd move the drape sewing, room painting and painting of furniture to the Fall list. I tackle the weeding a bed at a time so it doesn't overwhelm me, and this weekend I'd like to get to one near our gazebo in the yard. I have to catch it in the morning though otherwise I have to wait until after 6 p.m., because it gets hit with full sun. (It will also be hotter as the day wears on so my goal is to hit it Sunday a.m.}.

I started taking chores in sections a few years ago because I was feeling so overwhelmed and then it wouldn't get done at all! And that's very bad ~ for you and your house!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Okay, go visit "link within"...that's where you find the post widget.

I haven't had troubles with blogger, wish I could help you with that, too!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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