Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bizzzy, Bizzzy, Bizzzy . . .

That's what I'll be the next few days. We're hosting a small grown-up Halloween party Saturday night. Just a few close friends. We have the bestest group of friends. They're all sooo much fun! All the wives get along well and all the hubbies, too. Most of us all have boys close to the same ages that have played sports together for years. Also, Friday night is BUNCO!!! night for us ladies . . . pretty much the same gals that will be at the party Saturday.

I couldn't bear to rip my summer geraniums out of the boxes . . . they were still going. So, I just tucked little pots of mums in some of the spaces where less-fortunate flowers used to be.

A little vignette by the garage doors. Doesn't the electric meter make a nice addition to my fall display? Oye!!! Not much we can do to move or camouflage that thing. The meter man drives up and literally reads it from his car. I'm sure if I covered it all together, he'd get a little miffed to have to get out of the car, make the six foot walk to see it!

I hope to post some pics next week of the festivities. In the meantime here are some snaps of my outside scary - well, guess it's all not too scary - decor. I spent the better part of the day this past Monday out there. It was a gorgeous fall day.

Mmmm . . . note to self . . . stop talking about getting new door handles and DO IT!!!

My version of the Lowes black spider web. I think I might need some practice! LOL It looks better at night. Guess it was a decent effort.

One side of the porch . . .

. . . and the other. Thrifty Decor Chick, Sarah, would probably be cringing at this pic with the electric cords all hangin' about! I flatter myself . . . thinking that she even reads my blog! hehe

Some pics as night begins to fall.

Have great weekend, everyone! Hope you all have some kind of fun planned.


Anonymous said...

you are so freakin amazing... how do you find the time.. Love it love it love it..
Tracy C

Hopemore Studio said...

You really go all out and it's amazing! Have a great time with the girls and the couples, it sounds like a great time.


marie said...

I love all your outdoor decorations ~ I want to come trick or treat at your house!

I visted Sarah's (very nice) blog and I am amazed at how well she hides all those pesky cords. I need to take a lesson.....

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