Friday, October 30, 2009

Early Birthday Wishes

I wanted to send out some early birthday wishes to Son No. 2's girlfriend. Her birthday is tomorrow . . . 10/31 . . . Halloween! How cool is that?! Well, I think it's cool. I'd love to have my birthday fall on a cool holiday like Halloween, Christmas or New's Years Day (oh, I'm sure as a kid a C'mas birthday might stink, but I would think as a grown up it could be kinda neat). In fact, my birthday's April 1st . . . yes, I'm an April Fool's baby. Not as much fun as kid, as you might imagine.

Anyway, Son and Girlfriend have been together . . . well, not sure exactly - a while. Kids these days (don't you love that expression!? makes a person sound so incredibly old.) have a whole different time-line and lingo about their relationships than we did. Anyway, they're a sweet couple. We love when she visits. She just lights up the house with her silly giggle and her downright "cuteness". For me, especially, it's nice having another female in a house full of men!

Now, you think someone born on Halloween, who actually acknowledges the holiday, would have been totally into the whole Halloween experience growing up. This poor, deprived child had never carved a pumpkin. Ever! "How can that be?", I exclaimed. Well, I knew for sure I had to fix that. When I bought pumpkins a while back, I bought a few extra so she would have at least one to carve.

Isn't she a cutie-pie?!

Seems she enjoyed carving her pumpkin here so much, they got together at her house and carved some more. They turned out fabulous! Masterpieces!

Happy 19th Birthday, Shannon!!! Hope you have a great time celebrating your Special Day! XOXO

She and Son are going out dressed as Goldilocks and one of the bears - the big Papa Bear presumably. You see, Son is 6'-3" and she's 4'-11". How cute is that?! I'll definitely share pics!


Hopemore Studio said...

How sweet is that! Shannon did a fantastic job, and I wish her a happy birthday from blogland.


Shannon said...

Thank you so much! I look at your blog all the time (and Colin always makes fun of me, but I love it!) and I was so happy to see today's entry was about me!! I'll probably see you sometime this weekend. Love you mama #2! Love, Shannon

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