Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quick Pumpkin Project

So sorry to be away so long. Things have been pretty hectic around here. I've been having dental issues - a temp crown that keeps popping off. Been downing Advil pretty regularly for about 4 days now.

Took Son No. 2 the doctor yesterday. He has the flu - BIGTIME!!! That poor boy. He's been through a lot of medical issues this past year, but I don't think he's ever been in so much discomfort as he is battling this flu. He's on Tamiflu now, so hopefully he's on the road to recovery.

There was high school football Friday night. Not my older boys, they're high school football "careers" are over now that they're in college, but Hubby coaches a high school team. So me and Son No. 3 went and watched them play. It was a perfect evening for football. Then we had some youth football Sunday. That's Son No. 3 playing.

I did manage to crank out a quick project over the weekend. I finally jazzed up one of those white plastic pumpkins I bought probably 2 or 3 years ago.

I found a font I liked, enlarged and printed it out.

By rubbing the back of the paper with a pencil, you're able to transfer the design by tracing on the right side. We all know that, right?

After I traced the letters, I used a fine paint brush and black acrylic paint and filled in the letters as best as my unsteady hands and poor eyesight will allow. I also painted the stem black.

I took some faux mum leaves and spray painted them black. How much do we love spray paint? I just don't know what we'd all do without spray paint. I actually have never spray painted faux flowers, leaves, (I don't want to say silk, because I know for sure they're not silk.), but it really worked very well.

Strips of black tulle tied and hot glued to the top of the pumpkin add a nice touch before the leaves are glued on.

After the leaves were glued on, I added some blingy jewels to the swirls in the letters.

Found just the right spot for "her" to sit, and I've turned an ordinary plastic pumpkin into something pretty cool!

Thought I'd share a few more Halloweeny goodies I've put up around the house that didn't make the first round of pics.

I love this witch picture. I have no idea where I got it - off the web somewhere, but I've used her in so many projects. (Sorry most of these pics are dark. I was snapping them last night, and didn't want to use the flash - hate the flash!)

Cute pumpkin I stitched years ago on Heatherfield cloth using Wildflower's hand dyed threads, and sewed into a pillow.

Lit'l Gus, below, is another left over from my craft show days. He's a cute little ghost hanging out against a twig fence with his pumpkin buddies.

I'll leave you with this gorgeous pic I snapped early one morning last week. The sky at Autumn, whether it's sunrise or sunset, is so pretty. Isn't that color amazing?


Hopemore Studio said...

Thank you for the step by step on the pumpkin decoration. I have my pumpkin all plain and sad sitting on a shelf, I may need to jazz him up a bit. I think your decoration pictures look good a bit on the dark side, it is fitting for Halloween.

Beautiful sunrise, it must have taken your breath away, thanks for sharing it.


Anonymous said...


I am so stealing the pumpkin idea-I have a basement full of them I also purchased years ago.

What do you mean by rubbing the back of the paper to transfer-do you mean hold the paper to the pumpkin and rub the pencil over it?? You know I'm a visual type girl can't read a manuel of any kind to save my life.


Carla said...

Hey Lis! I meant rub the back of the paper that the word "BOO" was printed on with the pencil. Then, I turned that paper right side up against the pumpkin and trace the outline of the words. The rubbing on the back acted like carbon paper transferring the letters onto the pumpkin.

Did that make better sense???? If not, just load up your pumpkins and bring them over here. We'll do it together! LOL

Terry said...

Your "boo" pumpkin is really cute! I can't wait to see what you put together for Christmas.

one gal's trash said...

Your white "Boo" pumpkin is fab and I LOVE your witch art...very creative!

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