Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Not Your Ordinary Pumpkins

I'm big on seasonal decorating. Tweaking my decor to reflect the seasons, holidays. Adding a few - okay A LOT! - seasonal accents that do nothing but make me happy when I pass by them daily.

I love how creative people can be, changing and altering seasonal items to better coordinate with their decor. Seems, for me anyway, Thanksgiving is almost totally forgotten. At least in terms of decorating. I go way out for Halloween, and totally all out for Christmas . . . not so much for Thanksgiving.

I love how a few of the ladies whose blogs I frequent have spruced up their ordinary, store-bought faux pumpkins, or created pumpkins using beautiful, rich fabrics and trims, paints, etc. Makes me want to run to the fabric store and purchase some decadent velvets or luscious silks and brocades to create my own luxurious pumpkin patch.

Below, Heather Bullard created these beautiful pumpkins from a purchased kit sold at Olive Juice & Co. Boutique (darn, no longer available!). Aren't they lovely!?

More gorgeous pumpkin creations over at House of Whimsy.

Sarah, at Thrifty Decor Chick, enlisted the help of her spray paint and glaze to give her pumpkins a metallic makeover. Adding some glitter really spruces up ordinary, inexpensive gourds as well.

Spray paint and glaze . . . sure, that's easy. How 'bout adding some twine for added dimension. Who wudda thunk it? Well, the girls at Shanty 2 Chic, that's who!

Even Martha shows her version of the fantabulous fabric pumpkin in the November Issue of Martha Stewart Living.

And lastly, my humble version of the fabric pumpkin. Now, mind you, I made these . . . oh, 10/12 years ago . . . when I was doing craft fairs. This was when I was in more of country/ primitive phase. I must of made a bushel of these to sell - and sold tons! As you can see, I have a few left.

Based on all the beauties I've been seeing all over the net and blogdom, I think my little pumpkins might need a makeover for a more elegant Thanksgiving display.


Darlene said...

Aren't some of the blogging people just the craftiest????? (Is that even a word?) I LOVE all of the pumpkins you have shown and I also think the ones you made are FABULOUS....TOO CUTE!!! Those would look quite adorable sitting on my entry bench!

marie said...

So many great pumpkins out there in blog land...I want one of each!

Your pumpkins are very cute and I never would have guessed you made them so long ago. I bet they would look just wonderful with a big fat stem ~ like the velvety pumpkins in the first photo.
House of Whimsey is one of my favorite blogs ~ she comes up with some really super ideas!

Hopemore Studio said...

Carla, I think there will always be a market for prims, and your pumpkins fit that niche. It is fun to update though, especially since we are always updating our own personal styles. My favorite of all your other examples is the velvet look from Heather Bullard.

Anonymous said...

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