Friday, October 23, 2009

Easy . . . And Quick! . . . Candle Makeover

Wanted to share this quickie candle project with you. I snagged these candles at the Dollar Tree - love the Dollar Tree!. They were . . . yes . . . a dollar a piece. They are like those tall, religious candles, only they're just 3 inches tall.

I printed out some scary, spooky words using my absolutely fave font for this time of year, "A Charming Font Expanded". Cut them to fit the height of the candle. Ran them through my Xyron, and slapped them on the candles.

Using this fun Martha Stewart "drippy" paper punch, I punched a line of drippiness out of black cardstock. Again, slapped that on the candle with glue. That's it! I plan to place these around all over the food table at our party Saturday night, and let each couple take one home at the end of the evening.

Oh, and I've totally ripped-off the framed 31 from Sarah, who ripped-it off from Chris. I printed out the 31 on some cute ghost paper using, again, my favorite font.

Funny . . . my husband saw it this morning and asked what the heck that meant. When I told him it was "you know . . . Halloween . . . it's on the 31st", he just rolled his eyes muttering something like "oh my gawd", and left for work! He doesn't exactly share my love of Halloween - not even a teeny tiny bit!


Hopemore Studio said...

That is a great idea and they came out looking fantastic.

I am in $ trees all the time for my job, I am curious if they have these too. You I can steal the idea :-O

sidenote...did you notice yet that Marie lives in MD not DE? Note to not blog when sleepy...but your comment gave me a chance to correct it, thank you!

marie said...

I love your candles! What a great idea!! I think I see a J - O - Y trio of candles in my future. I think that would be nice for Christmas!
Thanks for sharing this!

Carla said...

Hey Angie! Yes, I did see Marie's in MD. Maybe she's close to the DE border. I'm actually a 1/4 mile from MD border myself.

Oh, I hope they have those candles at your DT! I'm going to go back soon and grab up a bunch more for C'mas projects. I totally love your J-O-Y idea, Marie! I think I'll definitely be trying that idea out!

Anonymous said...

Carla fab as always. I love the 31 in the picture frame never thought of it for Halloween but I have seen it for 25 (for Christmas) and 1 (New years day party) I love the Dollar Tree and of course I always have to hit the Goodwill-snagged 2 Kate Spade purses this week (I'm sure they are fake bt hey $7.50 each is a good deal) Lisa

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