Thursday, October 1, 2009

Halloween Views 'Round the House

I'm afraid my kids truly believe this sign that's perched above my oven!

I absolutely love Halloween. Not sure exactly why well maybe "permission" to eat tons of candy is a big one!, or maybe because it's kind of the official confirmation that fall is in full force. Then, and way more importantly, Christmas planning should begin. I know it seems too early to think about C'mas around Halloween for some, but when you're a semi-working Mom, with tons of stuff going on, ya can't really start planning too early, right?!

The foyer. Spooky in mostly a black and white theme.
Dollar Tree crows that I'm sure have made their appearance on other blogs.

I'm so glad I grabbed up this "Wicked" piece. Wal-Mart - $2.95!!! Isn't it great?!

Thought I'd share some of the other Halloween vignettes I have created around the house. Some are "fallish", some are cutesy, some are little spooky - just a little.

The hutch. Black garland strung with 16 year old pumpkin lights (can't believe they still work!) and little treat cones tucked in waiting to be filled - not yet though - I'll end up sneaking pieces every time I walk by for sure! Boy, I'm no photographer - check out the television's reflection in the glass!

Found the spooky/glittery candelabra's at Linens and Things a few years back on clearance. They have purple, gem-bodied spiders that coordinate with the purple glitter of the tombstone. Pretty neat, huh? I love when stuff works out like that.

Close-up of matching votive holder resting in a matching candy dish.

Banner hanging above kitchen window. Think I got the pattern from Martha's site last year.

Tons of glitter used on this project!

My cute little kitchen witch hanging on the pantry door. She's a left-over from my craft show days. Isn't she cute?!

On to the living room where I have some spooky-ness going on. The ever popular Martha glittered skulls and bones make an appearance there. Check out the fabric on the table. I just love it! Wish I'd bought 5 more yards when I found it a few years ago.

The family room has some of my favorite banners. The banners shown below were from a "girl's day of crafting" here last year. I think both banner's ideas came from a magazine - Paper Crafts maybe - can't remember now.

Still have some tweaking to do on that shelf. Not really liking the arrangement.

And lastly, for now, the powder room. I was so excited about the cute hand towel I found at Kohl's. Not sure about it being white, though!

That's it for now. Oh, that's just the tip of "iceberg"! I'll have a bunch more photos to share later when I get everything out. Yes . . . that's not all of it! I have the whole outside of my house to decorate yet! I'll leave you with a snippet of the mess that's currently in my craft room of some WIPS works in progress.


marie said...

Wonderful, spooky decor! About your WIPS ~ is the salt shaker a WIP or is it a supply. Looks like you might be storing glitter in it - good idea!

marie said...

Silly me - I enlarged the photo and YOU ARE storing glitter it! Love that!
I also love the sparkly keys and that witch photo. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with those.

sjhackney said...

Wow Carla! I love your decorations especially the sign. Oh, and I love your blog. Sally Hackney

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Carla, I just came over from Dawn. Welcome to blogland! I love your Halloween decoration. The witch sign is really cool and the crow banner is so adorable! Have fun blogging! Julia :-)

Carla said...

Thanks for visiting, ladies! How exciting . . . I have visitors! :o)

Marie, as you did notice, the salt shaker is glitter. I purchased the glitter at someone's online shop in the shaker. Can't remember who! But, she was selling all her glitter in shakers - cute huh?!

Sally and Julia, thanks so much for your kind words and warm welcome to "blogland". I'm really having fun with this!


KNichols said...

Hi Carla. Great decorations! Just wanted to let you know that I saw your comment on Thrifty Decor Chicks blog asking about where I purchased my black barstools. I left a comment on there but in case you didn't see it, I purchased the stools used off Craigslist. One of them has a sticker underneath showing that they were originally purchased from Cost Plus. Hopefully that will help you out. If you have any other questions, my email is kortneinichols(at)gmail(dot)com. Have a great evening! :)

Carla said...

Hi Kortnei! Thanks so much for getting back to me here. Boy, you're lucky! I've been lurking around Craigslist for months, and nothing! Guess I have to keep looking. I'm getting impatient! Your makeover turned out great! (for those reading who are wondering what we're referring too, go here ).

You must be very pleased with your results. Your kitchen looks great! Thanks for letting Sarah share with all of us in blogland!


Thanks again!

Marigrace said...

Love your decorations!!!! Will you come and decorate my house??? LOL!!!
Thanks for sending the link to your new blog....How cool!

Carla said...

Hey MG!!! So glad you visited! You know I'd be happy to help you decorate! LOL

Thanks for commenting and being a follower.

See you soon!


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