Monday, October 26, 2009

What!? No DWTS!

Sorry, I have to rant. My ABC affiliate out of Philadelphia has pre-empted Dancing with the Stars to broadcast the Eagles/Steelers game. What the heck!!!! The kicker is the game is also being broadcast on ESPN. So, if you're a football/Eagles fan living within the Philadelphia viewing area, you have a choice of two networks to watch your game. If you're a DWTS fan in the area . . . well, tough luck.

Mya is my favorite right now.

Can I tell you how incredibly angry and disappointed I am. This is one of my fave shows on TV. I made sure I got all my chores done today, got on the treadmill early, fixed dinner and cleaned up quickly just so I could actually sit and watch the entire show without interruption.

Was disappointed to see Natalie gone so soon. She had high potential.

AND tonight's show is a double elimination. Oh, no worries though, my ABC channel will air the show right after the game, the nightly news and the late-night talk show . . . AT 2:00 A.M. TOMORROW!!!

I really like Mark, too.

Or, I can wait and watch tonight's episode on ABC's website tomorrow. Guess I can use my originally planned television viewing time for something constructive . . . like . . . catching up on my ironing . . .

Donny's really good too, but he's just too much when he's not actually dancing. He needs to tone it down a bit when interacting with the judges and others on the show.

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Anonymous said...

I'm disapointed this year. They show knows good and well that Donny took dancing lessons months before the show. Not that that is helping him but it just tanted everything.

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